Brian Dobson

Professor Brian Dobson, the late founder of our Society was a source of great inspiration, drive and historical passion all of us involved with the Hadrianic Society. For over 40 years he ran the Society and acted as its patron along with Profs. David Breeze and Val Maxfield. To see more of his life story, see the lucid obituary written by Prof. Breeze from 3rd August 2012, as published in the Independent.

For posterity, we have recently created a wikipedia page for Brian. Follow this link.



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About HadrianicSociety

The Hadrianic Society was formed in 1971 under the leadership of the late Dr. Brian Dobson together with Professor David Breeze and Professor Valerie Maxfield. The Society is made up of those having Hadrian's Wall or the Roman Army as a principal interest.

4 responses to “Brian Dobson”

  1. Anny says :

    Hello, enjoying having a nose around your new blog! I’m a late convert to Hadrian’ Wall – having driven past every year for about forty years on the way to the HIghlands, we finally stopped and explored two years ago – what a revelation! Anyway, just a tiny picky thing, but I think you’ll find there’s a date error at the beginning of the Wiki page – presumably should read 19th July 2012 – thought you might want to know (not my normal style – I hope you don’t mind).

  2. Bryan Sitch says :

    Brian Dobson taught me in the late 1980s and I’ll always remember his dry sense of humour. Commenting on a scene from Trajan’s column he would say “here are some Dacians looking on with detached interest” (they’d been beheaded!) He was a smashing bloke, a scholar and a gentleman and Roman studies are the poorer for his passing.

    • HadrianicSociety says :

      Thank you for your comments Bryan, and that anecdote! Prof.Dobson was an important figure for all those involved in Roman Army and Frontier studies, and will be sadly missed. We at the Hadrianic Society are planning a Gedenkshift publication in Brian’s memory; its early days yet but may come out as a BAR volume in the future.

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